Nancy’s Notes

Why is the laundry room neglected?

Building on a prior post, where we outlined our passion for the laundry chute, we thought it pertinent to chat about the laundry room. We have two kids, which usually means our family of 4 does at least 4 or 5 loads of laundry a week. This makes the laundry room a fairly busy area and also means washing is regularly done in the evenings.

Not being fans of the dryer, we prefer to line dry most things. When clothing is pulled out of the machine at 9pm, placing items outside is not an option, yet most houses have no space or consideration for hanging wet clothes inside. Are we the only ones who functions this way? Surely more people out there have busy lives where they can’t get their washing done during the day? We’re all the same in that we wash, we dry, we iron, we fold – so why do so many houses put their washer and dryer in a cupboard? How is it possible that so many plans find it reasonable to tuck such regularly utilised equipment away as if to pretend that they only gets used occasionally?

Perhaps we should be grateful for society advancements that saw the washer and dryer enter the home the way the toilet did. Growing up it was common to go outside and under the house to access laundry facilities. Clearly this was a long time ago as we then saw an upgrade to family chore efficiency when the washer and dryer moved to a dark corner of the garage. We then had the pleasure of accessing these frequently utilised necessities while standing on a plain concrete floor (assuming vehicles didn’t get in the way) and indoor drying was commonly spread across the garage. I must say, we really do know how to get the most out of our garage – not only does it house our stinky, dirty vehicles but it’s also where we regularly hang our fresh, clean clothes; be careful not to drop that wet t-shirt on the floor!

Well we’re here to sell the benefits of a lovely and reasonably sized laundry room. No it does not have to be huge but it should be big enough to house your washer and dryer and room for some indoor drying. To make it even better, we add a few pretty cabinets so when you’re doing those much needed chores on a VERY regular basis, you’re still enjoying a lovely space that will make it a pleasure to work in.

Nancy laundry

At Manasons, we put a great deal of thought into our laundry rooms and aim to create a space which is both functional and appealing.