Nancy’s Notes

Why have rooms you don’t plan to use?

Did anyone grow up in a time when we put plastic on furniture, saved the good dishes for special occasions or didn’t go into the guest rooms? We had towels on the couches to save them, dishes we never used and rooms we weren’t allowed to go into. Even when guests came over, there was still a reluctance to use these things that were being saved for something or someone special, but no one was really sure exactly who or what. Perhaps the Queen would pop over unannounced for a cup of tea and we’d be ready?

At Manasons, we now do everything in our power to contradict what we believe is an illogical and unnecessary habit. When it comes to our homes, we make every effort to add that extra splash of fabulous, convenience or common sense to the rooms we use the most and minimise or eliminate the ones that just aren’t necessary. For example, what’s the point of houses with so many dining, entertaining and lounge areas that the only time they are visited is for their weekly vacuum. One of our first family homes had four different dining areas;

  1. Kitchen bench with stools; used daily for pretty much all family meals
  2. Family dining; rarely used, maybe if we had some casual guests
  3. Outdoor dining; used often, especially when entertaining
  4. Formal dining room; NEVER used, not once

Same logic applied to the lounge rooms or as they were described on the plan – family room, rumpus room, media room and formal lounge. If you have children then having the extra room for their toys, Xbox and videos is handy but the other spaces never get used. So now our focus is on creating spaces that families will use and enjoy.