Nancy’s Notes

To stage or not to stage

When selling anything, presentation is important so it’s best to display your product in the best possible light.

Homes are often ‘staged’ which means temporarily hiring furnishings to display the space as ‘lived in’. The ambition here is to give potential buyers an impression of what the house should look like after they’ve moved in and therefore increase the value of that home to the buyer. So, the question is whether to invest in staging a home or not? This is something we have seriously considered here at Manasons and have chosen not to stage our homes. Here’s why…

  • Firstly and most importantly, we don’t invest in areas that don’t add value. When homes are ‘staged’, furnishings are removed before transfer of ownership so the investment doesn’t truly add value. Yes, sellers and their real estate agents aim to tap into buyer’s emotions for a premium price but our business model doesn’t support that logic.
  • We’re not out to get ‘top dollar’. We price our homes based on cost so the cost of staging would ultimately be transferred to our buyers. Does anyone out there really want to pay for temporarily hiring furniture that they will never own?
  • If you’re a buyer, rest assured that ‘staging’ is there for the seller. The agent works for the seller and is trying to get top dollar for their client and for their own reputation… they want to be known as the agent who gets the best possible price for their customers so they get more listings and sell more homes.
  • It’s a brand new house. This means it’s never been lived in so we want our customers to see absolutely everything before considering the purchase. Nothing is covered by a table, bed, rug or couch. It’s all there, in the open and able to be inspected and scrutinised without distractions.
  • Finally, think of the risk for damage… dragging furniture in and out of the house with no real purpose seems almost silly. There is risk of scratching hardwood floors, chipping paint or possibly worse. Why go through this? So buyers act more ’emotionally’ and pay more? Again, our model simply doesn’t support this logic.

At Manasons we’ve opted for the simple and cost effective approach that comes with a well finished, clean and empty house. We allow for high quality digital images to show dimensions of furniture in rooms and give our buyers an illustration of spacing but without the considerable investment involved in physically creating this ‘look’. The intention here is to provide an indication of future liveability while presenting a ‘blank canvas’ when selling.

Perhaps it won’t tug at your heart strings the way a magnificently styled home will, but it will show you exactly what your purchase includes while keeping the price as low as possible.