Nancy’s Notes

The Breakfast bar

Huge fans of the breakfast bar and eat almost every meal at it. It’s simple and convenient to dish out and clean up but why four chairs in one straight row? Did we miss something because these are everywhere and we simply don’t get it.

Where else do we sit 4 people in a row, facing the same direction? It’s done in diners in America but usually for singles so they don’t feel forced to interact with one another. Why is this set up so popular in the family home? This is a picture from one of the houses we built so clearly our questioning came later.

IMG_5578Whenever sitting with someone, one stool would be moved to the far right side so we could see each other. Yes, it looks pretty but is it functional? Personally, we prefer two seats on either end. Here’s our current kitchen bench where we’ll have coffee with a friend, do homework with kids or have a family dinner. Not only is it pretty and convenient but also allows us to comfortably interact with one another.


At Manasons, you won’t find the popular ‘4 in a row’. Instead, you will generally see a breakfast bar that can truly be used as a dining area.