Nancy’s Notes

So you want to build a house?

So you want a new house but can’t find one that works so you’re considering building your own.

This consideration may lead to an incredibly fulfilling adventure or one that leaves you bitter, angry and insistent that you’ll never do it again. Some of the questions you should ask yourself before commencing this journey are:

  1. Am I an organised individual? Do I get pleasure out of ticking off ‘to do’ lists?
  2. Am I comfortable with making decisions? A lot of decisions in a short space of time?
  3. Am I financially responsible and do I trust myself working within a strict budget?
  4. Am I good at executing results? Can I see what must happen and be able to do whatever it takes to get there?
  5. Do I like to research and read (sometimes unnecessarily lengthy) information about zoning, town planning, houses construction, finishes, energy efficiency (the list goes on and on)?
  6. Does the process of building a home interest me?

If you answer ‘no’ to 1 or more of these questions then think long and hard about the decision to build your own home. Perhaps you have a partner or a loved one you can share the load with? If that’s the case then great but if you want a brand new house but really don’t scream YES to all these questions then there is a good possibility you’ll find the undertaking stressful and unenjoyable. Maybe the final product will still motivate you to get there but it’s best to prepare yourself and get the support you need as the result may be creating a home you hate because of how angry the process made you. You may also consider purchasing an old house with the plan of renovating or demolishing without sufficient research, only to spend years arguing with council over town planning complexities or budget blowouts which can see you abandon your goal. So, if you want to build, make sure you psychologically prepare yourself for it as it can be a ridiculously rewarding experience or a dreadfully dissatisfying one.

For the record, at Manasons we scream ‘YES’ to all those questions. We are wired to do this and the joy that comes with completing a ridiculously long list of ‘must do’s’ inspires and excites us. We’re also incredibly results driven and motivated by an end goal; like a racehorse out of the gate, our need for completion helps to channel our energy on that finished product and doing whatever it takes to get there.