Nancy’s Notes

Set Pricing

At Manasons, we deliberated long and hard about how to price and advertise our homes and have chosen to go with set pricing. We will also tell you what that price is on our advertising, in our brochures and over the phone as we’re not keeping it secret… unlike many other houses that state ‘For Sale’ or ‘By Negotiation’.

We also don’t negotiate on the sale price. We set it and that’s the price we sell it for, no different to selling most other products. So why does the real estate industry commonly behave very differently? We believe agents either don’t know the value of the home they’re selling or they believe their negotiating skills will attract ‘top dollar’ which will justify their generous commission.

At Manasons, we’re not here to get the highest possible price for our homes. We’re here to create a quality product that gives our customers value for money and our prices are based on the costs of construction and finishes rather than the market value in the area. We are also confident our customers would not be able to create a product which is comparable to ours for the same price so we proudly present ourselves as a ‘value for money’ alternative to building your own.

Furthermore, we feel the ‘negotiating’ factor in real estate adds an unnecessary level of stress to buyers who feel under pressure to negotiate a good price in fear of getting ‘ripped off’.