Nancy’s Notes

Our business model and how it works

In 2015, after many years of building homes, we formally set up Manasons Properties and established our business model. The details of this model were deliberated at length over kitchen tables, boardroom tables and during 3am ‘I can’t sleep’ times. You see, cliché as it may sound, we truly built this business with a mission to do the right thing… to add to the economy, to help put food on the tables of everyone who works with and for us, to be fair, honest and respectful and most importantly, to provide high quality homes to families at the most affordable price possible.

Here are some of the highlights of our ‘model’…

  • We are a complete ‘end to end’ developer. We purchase the land, custom design the homes, project manage the development, sell each property and provide ongoing service and support to our customers. This all happens under the Manasons umbrella with no hand offs. Yes, we work with an amazing team of people to execute these results but we take full ownership and responsibility the entire time.
  • We don’t employ real estate agents. Firstly, we built these houses and we are responsible for every detail and feature so no one knows these details better than us. As such, who better to explain them? Secondly, we don’t want to incur additional costs that don’t truly add value to our houses. We prefer to keep our costs as low as possible so we can pass these savings on to you.
  • Our sale prices are not based on ‘top dollar’ or market value but on the costs of building. When prices go up, it’s because land and build costs have gone up.
  • We don’t pressure our buyers or encourage emotional ‘competition’. We regularly ask our customers to go away, compare with other properties and make the incredibly important decision to purchase a home after reasonable thought and consideration.
  • We don’t stage or style our houses but present them clean and empty. Again, we prefer to pass this savings on to our customers. As our sale price is based on costs, does anyone really want to pay an extra 20K for the temporary hire of furniture they won’t own? Furthermore, we choose not to cover up anything in the house as we want to show you every single detail. It’s probably good to remember this one when comparing our homes to others that are carefully styled.

Our priority is to give our customers exceptional value for money. An example of this priority being achieved was when the neighbours of one of our customers sold their home for considerably more than we had sold ours not long before. Our house had thousands of dollars in features and finishes that the house next door did not yet we sold ours for considerably less. This now means that our customers can relax in the confidence that they got exceptional value for their hard-earned money.

How amazing is that! Can we get a better win/win? We passionately created a product which we sold for exactly the amount we wanted to sell it for and our customers purchased a home they truly feel they paid a reasonable price for (or even better, they got it for a bargain!).

Although we’re confident all of our customers are equally fortunate, this one example truly illustrates exactly what we were after when we deliberated over our business practices.