Nancy’s Notes

Laying the perfect tile

OK, this may be a little pedantic but at Manasons, we’re proud of being pedantic.

Another one of our annoyances, pet hates or irritations is poorly laid tiles. Here are our main floor tiles which are the best tiles in the universe and we’ve used them over and over again. They’re practical, modern with a rustic twist, ridiculously durable, easy to clean and the perfect contrast to bright white cabinets.


Let’s take a little closer look…


Inconsistent gap between tiles and the dreaded lip which means tables and chairs will wobble and you’ll inevitably catch your stocking. Yes, this is our current home, the place we love, but still able to offer a few examples of what not to do.

The really frustrating part about uneven tiles or corner lips is that they’re fairly easy to avoid if your tiler takes pride in his work and is willing to put in the effort to ensure your tiles are flawless (rather than chain smoking and talking on his mobile… no bitterness here!). Yes it costs more but we always go for this investment as it’s virtually impossible to ‘fix’ once complete.

Our tilers always use these spacers and also make sure the gaps between the tiles aren’t too big. The standard is 5mm but that’s too much so we prefer 2 or 3mm maximum as grout is where dirt and mould lives so less is better. This is particularly important when using wall tiles as you don’t want to run your hand over the wall and catch a corner or see the imperfections when the sun is shining on it.


Final must have – mould resistant silicon. This is pretty much standard now but installers can use regular silicon sometimes to save a few dollars and if done, you can be sure your showers will look terrible in less than 12 months.