Nancy’s Notes

We built our house around the pantry

She has a door so all these unattractive essentials (but essentials none the less) can be closed away quickly, giving everyone the perception of a flawlessly clean kitchen.

nancy pantry

We built our house around it, we really did. The walk in pantry was a ‘must have’ and the rest of the house was designed around it. We ended up with a handy little storage area underneath which was a win/win, but as far as we were concerned she was a necessity and commanded first priority on the list of ‘functional house plan essentials’… no regrets.

We have a 2nd fridge because our family goes through so much food and drink it’s ridiculous, but this is not necessarily a must for those with fewer (or less hungry) mouths to feed. The fridge in the pantry idea came from a previous neighbor of ours. She made such a valid point – how many out there have a second fridge in the garage? Isn’t that kind of like storing a spare tyre in your bedroom? Again, odd as it may be, it’s ridiculously common because we love to design the grandest of homes with 5 bedrooms and 4 lounge rooms then assume the plethora of friends and family can be serviced from one fridge (in a tropical climate where cold beverages are a must). When we are proven wrong, we stick the second fridge in the only place it will fit, the garage! How logical.

The second fridge is just a small part of the pantry requirement, as we recognize that most people function quite well with one large fridge. The more important convenience is having all the ‘stuff’ in the pantry – tupperware, small appliances, spices, hot beverages, pastas, microwave, the list goes on. At Manasons, we’re not fans of the microwave tower so we always plan for the microwave to live in my pantry. To us, the humble microwave is not an appliance to display, it’s in the same family as the toaster or kettle and is a ‘must have’ but dedicating a tower to it just doesn’t seem right. Moving on from the microwave, what is necessary in the pantry is to be able to see what you have and therefore what you need when you go to the shops. We seem to do this quite effectively in our wardrobes but for some reason many house plans find it’s reasonable to include a deep corner pantry where you can’t see what you have and really aren’t able to access half of what’s in there without a major extraction exercise.

If you google ‘pretty pantries’, you’ll find some stunning displays like this one (note microwave inside pantry):

pretty pantry

I know ours won’t necessarily win ‘prettiest pantry in the universe’ but it’s functional, convenient, organised, clean, and keeps all the clutter off the kitchen bench. We love it and wouldn’t change a thing. The pantry is one we very seriously consider in all our homes and although some are larger than others due to changes in floorplans, we can assure you it will always have a bench with power points and be spacious enough to house your pantry requirements.