Nancy’s Notes

Are you building to live in or sell?

We get asked this question all the time. It doesn’t seem to matter what we’re selecting or who we’re working with, there’s a real division in people’s attitudes depending on whether we are building to live in or sell. ‘Resale value’ is an ever popular priority that’s thrown around without any real thought or understanding of what truly constitutes good resale value. Why does the industry insist that everyone needs the same things? Why are we so afraid to challenge what we believe to be in the ‘resale value bible’? And who exactly wrote it?

For example, why do so many new houses have 5 bedrooms and why is this such a selling feature? If you troll through, there it is, plastered everywhere… 5 bedrooms. How many of you out there have 4 children? If you do, you are definitely the target of this advertising. For all of you who have anywhere between 0 and 3 children, are 5 bedrooms really necessary? It’s difficult to understand that in a country where we have an average 2.5 children per family (of which many are grown and don’t live at home with mum and dad anymore) we all want and need 5 bedrooms. When building homes at Manasons, we confidently challenge unwritten industry rules. This will ensure the priority is satisfying personal wants and needs rather than simply abiding by unnecessary ‘must haves’ that may not apply to you. There is no one ‘bible’ you have to live by and there is also a very good chance that if you think it’s a good idea, others will agree.

As the budget is incredibly important, we compile a list of priorities and invest in quality accordingly (which we can assure you does not always go hand in hand with price).  Here are some of our priorities:

  1. Cabinetry; You certainly don’t want to be ripping cabinets out any time soon so we always opt for the extra investment in quality workmanship and simple, traditional designs. You can splash out with colour in your towels, cushions and other decorative pieces but we prefer not to go with a royal blue, high gloss kitchen or one with hinges or doors that won’t go the distance.
  2. Anything that goes into the walls; for us, this consists mainly of insulation, electrical and wiring. We wire our houses for what might come and not only what exists now. Built in speakers, sound systems or data points behind the TV as it may not be a priority now but in years to come you’ll be glad we did it. Furthermore, the investment is minimal so definitely not a corner we recommend cutting.
  3. Tiles and flooring; Carpet is ok to go ‘modern’ with as it’s relatively easy to replace but when laying hardwood or tile, we think long and hard about our decisions as these two are not ones you want to be ripping out any time soon. High gloss, white floor tiles can look stunning (so long as you don’t walk on them) but a more practical colour and texture will lend far better to the realities of daily life. We are also careful with tile installation – this is definitely not an area we skimp on as the work of a bad tiler is impossible to fix.